Homemade DIY Tool Storage

Check out these easy yet creative Homemade DIY Tool Storage methods if your items are jammed in plastic buckets or jumbled together in a drawer. They’ll assist you with organizing your tools and shop so you can find exactly what you’re looking for when you’re looking for it.

Rigid foam insulation should be glued to a plywood base:-

Homemade DIY Tool Storage

In a chunk of 1-1/2-inch-thick rigid foam insulation, keep router bits, drill bits, screwdrivers, awls, pencils, Allen wrenches, and hole saws. Simply attach the foam to 1/2-inch foam to make this pointy-tool pincushion. A sheet of plywood 1 inch wider than the foam Always uses a foam-compatible glue (PL 500 is one). Then press the foam into place and wait a few hours to dry.

Rotate a small-diameter Phillips screwdriver or an awl at a bit of angle into the foam to punch holes for the attachments. As you press the tools into the holes, they will widen to fit. Over your workbench, screw the plywood to a shop wall and load it up!

Slit a length of garden hose:-

Homemade DIY Tool Storage

Slit an old garden hose lengthwise and use it as a blade cover for sharp saws and other bladed tools.

Hang wrenches on a tie/belt rack:-

Homemade DIY Tool Storage

Do you keep all of your wrenches in a plastic bucket? Here’s a better suggestion. Screw a tie/belt rack (available at discount stores) to the wall above your workbench and hang the wrenches (SAE and metric) where you can easily grasp and store them in an orderly manner.

Secure tools with a bent pegboard holder

Secure tools with a bent pegboard holder

Have you ever had a plane, level, or square fall off the pegboard and acquire a ding? Never, ever again. By clamping an 8-inch-long pegboard holder in a vise and striking it with a hammer, you can create a series of right angles. Make one corner to hold the tool’s left side and the other to hold the tool’s right side. Simply have the tool against the pegboard and insert the corner peg so that the tool’s corner is clasped.

Build a PVC pipe tool rack:-

Build a PVC pipe tool rack

To store your Homemade DIY Tool Storage on the wall, construct this PVC rack. Cut a 1-1/4-inch-wide notch down the length of a 2-inch-diameter PVC pipe with a jigsaw. With a hacksaw or miter saw, cut several 3-1/2-in. long sections and drill two 1/8-in. holes behind the notch. Attach these pieces to a 24 screwed to the wall with 1-1/4-in. Drywall screws.

Slit a section of PVC pipe:-

Slit a section of PVC pipe

With a short section of 1/2-in. PVC pipe, you can extend the life of your saw blades. Hold the pipe tight against the vice jaws with the jaws slightly open, and saw a slit down the length of the pipe (this is a tricky cut, but it only has to be done once). To keep the teeth sharp, slide it over the blade.

Attach pie tins and plates on the wall of your shop:-

pie tins and plates

Space-saving storage for sanding discs, circular saw blades, and abrasive discs can be created by screwing cut-in-half pie tins and heavy-duty paper plates to a shop wall. To protect your fingers, tape the sharp edges of the cut pie plates!

Make plywood saw blade tote:-

 plywood saw blade tote

For storing and transporting table and circular saw blades, this is an oldie but goodie. Drill a hole in a 14-in. x 12-in. piece of 3/4-in. Plywood for a 2-in. x 3/8-in. carriage bolt. To secure the blades to the bolt, use a fender washer and wing nut, making sure to stagger the carbide teeth so they don’t rub together. Cut a slot in the upper end for a handle and pegboard storage.

Store rotary bits in a foam-filled container:-

rotary bits in a foam-filled

This rotary-bit organizer might just spark a rotary-tool revival in your shop. In a snap-lid plastic food container, friction-fit a piece of 3/4-in. plastic foam. Then use an awl to punch holes in the plastic foam to hold shafted bits and a utility knife to slice crevices to have cutoff discs—drill sockets for larger bits and tube-shaped containers using a high-speed spade bit. You can rediscover how valuable your components can be if they’re in order.

Make a drill bit rack for a tabletop or a wall:-

drill bit rack

This is the king of drill bit racks. It has a sizing index for checking round work components, as well as bits for drilling the exact appropriate hole. You can make the rack any length you want, as long as it can contain all of your bits in order of size. You may make it freestanding for tabletop use or wall installs without the base parts.

To make one, place your bits (spade and/or twist bits) on a table with a 1/2-inch gap between them. Cut two 3/4-in. x 3/4-in. hardwood strips, then mark, clamp, and drill them according to your bit spacing. (For spade bits, drill through both strips, but only halfway through the second strip for twist bits.)

Between the stripes, place two 2-3/4-in. blocks and screw them together. Drill holes in a piece of 1/4-inch plywood for the size index using the Homemade DIY Tool Storage you put out. Fix it to the rectangle and arrange the pieces!

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