Extremely useful glass bottle cutter DIY tools

You can make amazing crafts from the glass bottles that you usually throw away. Cutting a glass bottle to the desired design is the first step to crafting, and you need the right tools to do it easily. So this article will help you with the right Extremely useful glass bottle cutter DIY tools. Even beginners can easily cut the glass using them.

Glass cutting is not simple as cutting a piece of paper. There is a 5 step process, and you’ll need different tools at each step. 

Clean your bottle:-

(Tool – Rubbing Alcohol)

Extremely useful glass bottle cutter DIY tools

Almost all glass bottles come with a sticker on them which is difficult to remove, and scratching those stickers will leave marks on your bottle. We don’t want it! 

You can damp the bottle in water for a few hours or fill the bottle with warm water, the heat will lose the adhesive, and you can peel it easily. It’s time-consuming but cheaper. 

The best option is to apply rubbing alcohol to the sticker, and it will easily come out. 

2. Mark your line:-

(Tool – Masking tape, Paper cutter, Marker)

Extremely useful glass bottle cutter DIY tools

You cannot draw a perfect design with your bare hands. If you’re an expert, you obviously can, but remember we are focusing on DIY!

You’ll need masking tape to stick on your bottle. Getting a circular design is easy, but if you need a custom design, draw it on the masking tape and cut it using a paper cutter.

Now use your Marker to draw the design and remove the masking tape. 

3. Cut the glass:-

(Glass cutting tool)

CExtremely useful glass bottle cutter DIY tools

It’s is the most important part of the process to make sure you do it right. There are different kinds of glass cutting tools. 

Don’t go for fancy tools. Choose the one which you can confidently handle. 

1.  Bottle Cutter:-

Extremely useful glass bottle cutter DIY tools

These types of Extremely useful glass bottle cutter DIY tools are commonly used to cut glass bottles. A bottle cutter usually includes a pencil and a cutter enforced into a base. You can fix the bottle into the base and adjust the size accordingly. It provides an easy grip to hold a bottle to cut precisely. You can use bottle cutters to cut candle holders, drinking glasses, vases or more.

2. Pistol grip glass cutter:-

Pistol grip glass cutter

It is like a manual glass cutter with a pistol (GUN) like handle at the back and a glass cutter on the top. It provides a grip which is extremely useful to apply pressure while cutting the glass. It’s useful if you are cutting big bottles.

3. Pencil grip glass cutter:-

Pencil grip glass cutter

As the name itself says, this kind of cutter has a pencil-like grip. You can hold it in your fingers and use it as a pen or pencil to easily cut complicated designs. Pencil grip cutters are not suitable to apply pressure, it’s lightweight, and compact size makes them a versatile option.

4. Custom grip glass cutter:-

Custom grip glass cutter

They have a similar design like a pencil grip cutter but come with an additional saddle or thumb rest. It’s again used to apply more pressure and is best for cutting thick glass. It’s a good option if you have a hand or joint issue, and cannot manage longer with a pencil grip cutter.

4. Hold your bottle in water:-

(Tool – Rubber gloves)

Rubber gloves

You cannot remove the bottle just after cutting; it will break. Take your bottle into the running tap water (cold) and slowly pour warm water on the cut.

Repeat the process until you hear a cracking sound. It will take around one minute, and you need gloves that you don’t burn your hand with the warm water.

After a minute, you will have a piece of the bottle in each hand.

5. Smoothen the edges:-

(Polishing and grinding tools)

You don’t want to cut yourself with those rough edges. So it’s extremely important to smoothen those edges.

There are multiple types of smoothening tools.

1. Diamond files:-

Diamond files

Diamond files are rough metals scales with a handle at the back. The front end can be pointed or flat. You have to rub it on the glass surface to achieve smoothness. Use them wet.

2. Sandpaper:-


It’s common and budget-friendly; you can rub your bottle on sandpaper. There won’t be any sharp edges, but sandpaper cannot achieve perfection.

3. Rotatory tool:-

Rotatory tool

It’s an electronic tool. You can add a sanding band of 320 grit in a rotatory tool and use electronic sandpaper. Use it carefully, little extra pressure can cause damages. You can also add polishing and grinding pads.

If you’re willing to go the extra mile to achieve perfection, then polish your bottle using a silicone polisher, diamond polisher or diamond paste. They are all available to use in a rotatory tool.

That’s the end of the process hope you achieve the design you want.


All these tools are budget-friendly and available on Amazon. Make sure to use the tools with precaution and safety equipment.  

Which Extremely useful glass bottle cutter DIY tools is your favorite? Please tell us in the comments.

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