DIY Wheel Well Tool Box

DIY Wheel Well Tool Box

A DIY Wheel Well Tool Box is one of the most useful and inventive storage options for your truck. The empty space between the wheel well of your truck bed and the tailgate is usually where wheel well tool bins go. These handy tool bins provide storage in an otherwise underused area. The majority of wheel well tool boxes we see are roughly L-shaped, wrapping up and around the wheel well, but others are plain square designs. To help you stay organized, there’s even a wheel-well toolbox with drawers.

Even without aesthetics, there are numerous brands of wheel well tool boxes to pick from. It’s actually surprising how poor the quality is on these boxes. Even firms like Dee Zee, Better Built, and Northern Tool, which we recommend for full-size truck tool boxes, have struggled to produce a high-quality wheel well toolbox. As a result, we’ve divided the best DIY Wheel Well Tool Box into two categories: best overall and best DIY Wheel Well Tool Box with drawers. Continue reading to find the best option for you!

DIY Wheel Well Tool Box

Undercover wheel well toolbox

DIY Wheel Well Tool Box
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The Undercover wheel well toolbox is our overall favorite for various reasons. All of the boxes on our list have the best balance of adaptability, storage space, and cost. These swinging tool bins attach to the sidewalls of your truck bed and swing out for easy access. One for the driver’s side and one for the passenger’s side, allowing you to make the most of otherwise useless space.

The box comprises a heavy-duty ABS plastic that is both tough and durable. It’s a terrific technique to provide the box with some extra strength without adding a lot of weight to your truck bed. The lid not only locks, preventing theft of your tools and gear, but it can also be covered with plastic housing. Because the lock sits on the box’s lid, this prevents water from sitting in the lock and rusting it. The lid also has a rubber moisture seal, which keeps water and dirt out of your toolbox and keeps your tools dry and rust-free.

To correctly fasten the mounting brackets, some drilling into the walls of your truck bed is required. If you need the area for something else, you can easily remove the boxes and leave the brackets. When properly mounted, the box should float above the floor of your truck bed and hold up to 75 pounds of gear – more than plenty. Simply pull the little lever near the bottom of the box to make the box swing out towards you.

Since the boxes swing out over the tailgate without forcing you to go into the truck bed once installed, accessing your tools is a breeze. It’s ideal for people who have back or knee problems or who will be in and out of their toolbox all day. Because of its dimensions, this wheel well toolbox will most likely work with your truck’s tonneau cover or canopy. You’ll want to double-check your truck’s measurements just to be sure. There is a latch to use a padlock to fasten the box to the brackets if you don’t use a canopy or tonneau cover.s

Runner Up: UWS 18-inch Drawer Tool Box:-

DIY Wheel Well Tool Box

While the bulk of pickup wheel well toolbox models we encounter is roughly L-shaped and meant to fit over the wheel well, the uneven shape prevents drawers from being installed. Smaller gear or small hardware, such as fishing gear, screws, nuts, and other materials, are some of the best uses for a wheel well toolbox. The UWS 18 inch wheel well toolbox is the greatest wheel well toolbox with drawers we’ve discovered.

This metal wheel well toolbox looks amazing in the bed of your truck. The box is 18 inches deep, so it should fit between the wheel wells and most trucks’ tailgates. This box is 18 34 inches tall, so it would look excellent with a canopy or tonneau cover, depending on the height of your truck bed. It also only takes about 7 34 inches of space not to obstruct your wheel wells. The diamond treadplate aluminum is of high quality and will not rust.

In each of these toolboxes, there are five commercial-grade sliding drawers. Small dividers are also included in the bottom three drawers to assist in keeping smaller items separated. The drawer sliders are zinc-coated to help prevent rust, and they also have stainless steel ball bearings that open smoothly and won’t rust.

UWS provides two keys for this wheel well tool case, which is locked. The lid will be on the face of the box closest to the tailgate, swinging down to open, rather than on the top of the box. For ultimate strength and security, the piano hinge is integrated into the entire bottom of the lid and box. Along the circle of the lid, UWS has added their MicroSeal weatherproof stripping, which seals out water, dirt, and other dust particulates. This should keep your equipment and components dry and rust-free.

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