DIY tool storage

DIY tool storage

Most of us strive for proper tool organization and storage, but it’s a never-ending effort. And some of us [raises hand] aren’t always as well-organized as we’d like. Seeing other people’s storage solutions, especially inventive ones, can spark some re-organization ideas. With that in mind, we’ve put together a gallery of DIY tool storage that we hope will encourage you to come up with some creative organizational solutions of your own.

Suspended Jar Organizers:-

DIY tool storage

Jar lids fastened into a board rack or under a cabinet are, let’s face it, one of the universal parts organization techniques. It works on a wide range of containers, from baby food jars to CD/DVD tubs and everything in between. Tin cans attached to a board from the side are another tried-and-true organizing method that would make your grandfather proud.

Plastic Jug Organizers:-

DIY tool storage

The milk jugs follow the jar and can organizers. Uniformity in a storage solution is more crucial than just about anything else. The most efficient DIY tool storage is achieved when all containers are of the same size and form. It’s wise to reuse plastic milk jugs, kitty litter containers, and other plastic product containers because you’ll be producing many of them, and they’ll all be the same size. They’re also free, and you’re doing your part to save the environment.

PVC Rake Rack:-

DIY tool storage

PVC is a versatile material for manufacturing holders of all kinds after getting over the “trashy” organizing options. To make a rack for rakes, shovels, and other long-handled equipments, short pieces of PVC are secured to two boards.

PVC Pencil Holder:-

DIY tool storage

Seven 4″ sections of 2″ PVC tubing were glued together to make this pencil/marker/tool holder. As your pencil and marker collection increases, you can easily add to this PVC pyramid.

Shoe Rack Spray Paint Holder:-

DIY tool storage

Make a spray paint holder out of a hanging shoe rack. The pockets are large enough to hold a can of spray paint and other paint supplies.

PVC Tape Holder:-

PVC Tape Holder

Have a roll of tape but can’t seem to find the proper one when you need it? For a simple tape dispenser that takes seconds to install, slide rolls of tape onto a piece of 1/2″ PVC tubing and mount it on a pegboard.

Tool Bucket:-

Tool Bucket

Drill holes in the lid of an old paint bucket or one from a home improvement store to make a portable tool bucket. Your tools should be able to fit through the openings without falling through. The bucket’s interior can be utilized to store larger tools or supplies.

Screwdriver Holder:-

Screwdriver Holder

To make it easier to access your screwdrivers, line them up in a row. With holes bored through it, a spare 2×2 was fastened to the side of a workbench (large enough to fit the metal part of the screwdrivers). Put your screwdrivers in place, and you’re ready to go!

Upcycled Ruler Tape Measure Clip:-

Upcycled Ruler Tape Measure Clip

This simple fix will keep your tape measures in place. By affixing two wooden cleats to either end of an old metal ruler, it was upcycled. The ruler’s thickness is ideal for securely holding tape measure clips.

Jar Twine Dispenser:-

Jar Twine Dispenser

To keep twine, punch a hole or use a canning jar lid with a hole. For a no-fuss dispenser, feed the end of the string through the opening.

Carabiner Wrench Holder:-

Carabiner Wrench Holder

To keep your wrenches organized, hang carabiners from a pegboard or hook near your work area.

Binder Clip Hardware Holder:-

Binder Clip Hardware Holder

Binder clips can be used to keep track of minor hardware items such as washers and bolts. Add a label to one side of the metal ring that indicates the size of the washer or bolt if you want to be extra organized.

Foam Sharp Tool Holder:-

Foam Sharp Tool Holder

A spare piece of thick insulation was bonded to a board to make this tool holder for simple access and cleanup, jab drill bits, and other sharp tools into the foam board.

Plier and Clamp Rail:-

Plier and Clamp Rail

A scrap piece of 1/4″ thick wood slat was used to create this simple rail. It’s a great place to keep track of your pliers and clamps because it’s fixed to the side of a workbench using wood cleats.

Small Accessories Holder:-

Small Accessories Holder

It’s challenging to keep track of minor accessories. Tiny accessories can be controlled in place using a small slice of insulating foam and a reusable plastic DIY tool storage container. Cut a piece of insulation foam the same size as the plastic container and press each accessory piece into it. The foam will conform to the shape of the item, making it a one-of-a-kind fit.

Magnet Hardware Holder:-

Magnet Hardware Holder

To keep your hardware in order, upcycle old spice canisters and a magnetic knife holder.

Outline It:-

Outline It

Outline the contour of each tool on a pegboard to ensure that they all go back in their appropriate positions. There’s no longer any excuse for individuals who borrow a tool not to return it to its proper location.

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