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If there’s one thing all crafters know, it’s how annoying organizing your equipment can be, whether you’re a scrapbooking addict or a woodworker. Personally, I’m always finding tools in unexpected places .Functionality is the key to a good tool storage system. Consider how often you use specific equipment, how to keep them clean, and whether they need to be changed on a regular basis. Each of these twenty-one DIY Tool Storage Plans makes it simple to arrange your area; all you have to do now is choose the one that’s right for you. Let’s get started!

1. Slot Away Your Clamp:-

First and foremost, this one is for the woodworkers. If you enjoy woodworking, your workshop is almost certainly littered with wayward clamps. They are, after all, required for practically every endeavor!

However, this might be aggravating when you’re attempting to find a clamp in the middle of a challenging DIY Tool Storage Plans project. It’s far more convenient to have a single location for all of your clamps, which is where our innovative slot system comes in.

Install a couple of simple shelves (one level for each clamp length) and cut slots into them. This provides an easy way to organize your clamps by size, ensuring that you never go without one.

2. PVC Pipes Shelf:-

It takes a special skill to keep your tools well-organized and visible. While many DIY enthusiasts like to hide their tools, one DIY enthusiast created a shelf out of PVC pipe stands.

This one is easy to put together on an existing shelf, but you can also build one from scratch for your DIY Tool Storage Plans needs. The hack only requires a saw and a few lengths of PVC tubing.

3. Floating Metal Shelves:-

The trusty metal shelf is the old fallback for garage storage; this simply… elevates it. The idea is to build the unit’s base using waist-high frames, then back it with pegboards and floating shelves.

A metal rail system for storing longer equipment like brooms, rakes, and spades can be added to the complete structure if desired. Start with a set of shelves like these and customize the system to fit your needs.

When mounting your shelves, make sure you use wall anchors to keep the screws from peeling and falling out of the wall.

4. An Immaculate Pegboard:-

You might have grown up with a well-arranged pegboard hanging on the garage wall if you grew up with a tool fanatic for a father. These are the pinnacle of workshop planning!

Not only are all of your tools visible, but they also each have a particular location where nothing else can go; everything has a place. Fortunately, they’re really easy to make at home.

5. Storage Above and Below the Workbench:-

It’s all about making the most of the space you have, whether it’s above or below your workbench, to come up with the best storage solution. Crates were placed beneath the bench, and a pegboard was placed on top.

Choosing a color scheme for your storage is also a fantastic way to make it feel more integrated. This one, for example, has a manly air thanks to the use of beautiful walnut and mahogany.

Smaller tools can be difficult to organize with this system, so make a DIY drawer divider for easy-to-keep drawer storage.

6. A French Cleat:-

You’re about to have your head blown if you’ve never heard of a French cleat. These amazing connections employ gravity and 45-degree angles to create a simple interlocking attachment that makes shelving a joy.

Using wooden slats across an entire wall and simple French-cleated blocks for your tools is a brilliant way to make the most of any available wall space. This enables you to customize a holder for each power tool you own.

7. Magnetic Strips for Metal Tools:-

The pegboard can be too difficult for some people. That, or craftspeople simply don’t have the time to do so. Don’t worry. There’s a far easier way that takes advantage of science: magnetism, to be exact.

Magnetic knife strips, such as these, are a simple and effective way to keep your metal instruments in line. This appeals to me since it does not lock you into a single form of organization; you can change your mind at any time.

8. Tuck Your Tools Away:-

Installing and retrofitting a workshop closet is another way to keep your tools, whether renting or owning your space. This is an excellent technique to reduce clutter and increase space while keeping your instruments clean.

Drills can be hung from PVC tubing, toolboxes can be stacked on shelves, and longer tools can be hung from hooks within the doors. This is a good garage unit to utilize, or your local hardware store likely has several as well!

9. Wooden Bench Bins:-

This following hack is amazing since it is straightforward. You may make wooden storage boxes for your screws, bolts, and nails by using old wood and repeating the same pattern as needed.

It’s quite easy to make a wooden bin like this. Not only that but if you have the requisite scrap wood on hand, building the containers is also less expensive than buying them.

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