DIY tool storage ideas

Got tools lying around everywhere? It’s about time to declutter! Use these DIY tool storage ideas to urge inspiration and organize your house for good.

Whether you’re a scrapbooking addict or a carpentry aficionado, there’s one problem that all craftsmen face: organizing their tools.

Efficiency is the key to a good tool storage system. Accept how typically you employ specific tools, how best to keep them clean, and whether or not they ought to be frequently replaced.

All of those tools storage technologies make it simple to arrange your area; it’s just a matter of deciding which DIY tool storage ideas are best for you. Let’s get cracking!

DIY tool storage ideas

1. Slot Away Your Clamps:-

DIY tool storage ideas

1st off, this one goes bent by the woodworkers. If you’re smitten with all things woodworking, your workshop is presumably lined in stray clamps. Once all, they’re necessary for nearly every project! However which will get frustrating when you’re attempting to seek out a clamp amid a challenging DIY project. It’s far better to possess one place for all of your clamps to live, and that’s wherever this clever slot system comes in.

Merely mount one or two easy shelves (one level for every clamp length) and saw slots into each one. This offers a straightforward thanks to keeping your clamps organized by size. Therefore you’ll ne’er be while not one again.

2. PVC Pipes Shelf:-

DIY tool storage ideas

There’s a selected art to keep your tools well-organized and straightforward to see. While many people hide their equipment, this DIY enthusiast decided to create a shelf out of PVC pipe stands.

This one is super simple to implement on an existing shelf. However, you’ll also build a new one for your tool storage purposes. All you wish for the hack are one or two lengths of PVC pipe (here) and a saw.

3. Floating Metal Shelves:-

Floating Metal Shelves

The antique disengagement for garage DIY tool storage ideas is the dependable metal shelf; this simply… elevates it. The secret’s to use waist-deep frames for the unit’s base, then back it with pegboards and floating shelves.

If you like, you’ll conjointly accompany the complete setup with a metal rail system for storing longer tools like brooms, rakes, and spades. Kick off with a collection of shelves like this and build the system bent suit you.

4. Associate Immaculate gameboard:-

Associate Immaculate gameboard

If you grew up with a tool fiend for a father, you might have conjointly full-grown up with a magnificently organized pegboard hanging on the garage wall. These are the epitome of workshop organization!

Not solely are all of your tools in view. However, they each have one place wherever nothing else will go; an area for everything and everything in its place. Luckily, these are super straightforward to form for yourself.

5. Storage on top of and Below the worktable:-

Storage on top of and Below the worktable

Finding the correct storage arrangement is regarding victimization of all the houses you’ve got at your disposal, whether or not that’s above or below your workbench. This woodsman was determined to put crates below the bench and a gameboard on top.

A good thanks to build your storage feeling cohesive is settling on a delegated color palette. For example, this one uses attractive walnut (here) and mahogany (here) for a masculine vibe.

6. A French Cleat Wall:-

A French Cleat Wall

If you’ve ne’er detected a French cleat, you’re on the brink of having your mind blown. These excellent connections combine 45-degree angles with gravity to create a simple overlapping attachment that makes shelves a breeze. Are often a genius thanks to utilizing any free wall space, victimization picket slats across a complete wall, and straightforward French-cleated blocks for your tools. This enables you to create a custom holder for every device you have.

7. Foam Board for Tools:-

Foam Board for Tools

Keeping those tiny bits and items in line can be an absolute nightmare. On the other hand, there’s nothing more satisfying than organizing these tiny parts by size, color, or use.

Enter the froth board. Victimizing this ultra-versatile material, you’ll virtually carve out a spot for any things in your tool case which may well be lost. Whip out a craft knife like this and find carving!

8. Place Your Tools on a Pedestal:-

Place Your Tools on a Pedestal

You’ll set this up as a french cleat system or produce pedestals with horizontal platforms. Custom shelving can be made for odd items like batteries or sandpaper to keep them organized.

This can be a good possibility if you’re a renter and don’t need to place up a complete shelving unit. However, it’s not the sole option! Investigate these little chamber organization concepts that don’t want drilling for additional inspiration.

9. Picket Bench Bins:-

Picket Bench Bins

This next hack is fantastic precisely as a result of its simplicity. Victimizing some previous wood and the same pattern repeatedly as needed, you’ll produce wooden storage bins for your screws, bolts, and nails.

Creating a wooden bin like this can be super simple. Not only that but constructing the containers is additionally cheaper than shopping for them if you’ve got the required scrap wood lying around.

10. Wall-Mounted Swivel Storage Rack:-

 Wall-Mounted Swivel Storage Rack

Several woodworkers have the lowest house in their workshops, and dedicating bench space to a complete set of drawers for nuts, bolts, washers, and additional is difficult. Luckily, there’s an answer that’s clever and functional.


There isn’t a magic formula for a way to prepare tools. On the contrary, organizing tools are often an individual thing. In many cases, placement depends on the function. Are you a weekend fighter, a craftsman, or a house restorer? Every skill set comes with different concerns and a distinct set of tools. 

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