DIY Tool Cabinet

Do you have enough room to set up DIY Tool Cabinet storage areas? When coming up with tool storage options, remember to think horizontally and vertically. This is what we did, and with these organizing and DIY Tool Cabinet storage ideas, we’ll show you how to make the most of every square inch you have.

1. Make a Storage Cubby Under Your Workbench:-

DIY Tool Cabinet

When it comes to DIY Tool Cabinet storage ideas, this one is rather easy. Do you have a garage or shop with a longer workbench? If that’s the case, there’s a high possibility you have a lot of empty space underneath it that you might utilize for tool storage. Create a set of cubbies to hold your smaller hand tools to use this unused space. Use your imagination to come up with tool storage arrangement options.

To begin, obtain 34-inch plywood and create the cubbies’ frame as large as your workbench. Gather your most potent power tools and calculate how much space you’ll need to make a cubby for them. Fill the remaining space with dividers after you have these measurements. To make miniature boxes, screw or nail them through the bottom, top, and middle boards. When you’re finished, this room should have two levels.

2. Storage Ideas for Your Pointy Tools:-

DIY Tool Cabinet

By keeping all of your point tools, such as drill bits, router bits, pencils, Allen wrenches, and awls, in one area, you’ll be able to keep track of them. You’ll need 12-inch plywood and the foam of your choice to build this simple pincushion. Apply a thin coating of glue on the back of the foam with a foam-compatible adhesive. Allow it to dry for a few hours after pressing it onto your plywood basis.

Using an awl or a Phillips screwdriver at a slight angle, punch holes in the foam. As you press your pointy instruments into the foam, the holes will gradually spread until their snug. You’re ready to go when you screw the plywood base into your shop wall near your workbench or the place where you use these tools the most.

3. Caulking Gun PVC Pipe Holder:-

DIY Tool Cabinet

This tool storage concept is for you if you use caulking guns in your workshop on a regular basis. It’ll become second nature to you to replace it here when you’re done to keep things tidy. Get a 3-inch piece of PVC tubing to create this caulking gun holder. Using a drill and a long drill bit, bore a hole through both sides of the PVC pipe at each end.

From the inside of the PVC pipe to your mounting surface, you’ll run a screw. You may need to apply a washer over the screw head before you secure it to your mounting surface, depending on the size of the pre-drilled hole. These holsters can hold your caulk guns, and the fasteners on the bottom allow you to store caulk tubes within. They can also carry hand tools such as screwdrivers.

4. Refurbish a Tie/Belt Rack for Wrenches:-

Refurbish a Tie/Belt Rack for Wrenches

Do you have a plethora of wrenches strewn about your workshop, jammed into every nook and cranny? If you do, it may be difficult to locate them when you need them. These tool storage ideas are almost amazing in their simplicity.

Get a metal tie or belt rack to begin. You almost certainly have one in your closet. Locate a bare wall above your workbench or in the location where you regularly use your wrenches. Hang one wrench on each peg and screw your rack into the wall. You can arrange them in any sequence you choose to make them easier to find and grasp. The pegs are usually large enough for two wrenches per peg if you have a lot of them.

5. Hang Pegboard Storage Ideas:-

Hang Pegboard Storage Ideas

When it comes to tool storage ideas, pegboard is a fan favorite because it’s simple to organize your equipment in a jigsaw pattern to cover practically any space. You can also move the holders around the pegboard to adjust the layout of your tools or add more. Pegboard is suitable for both large and small tools.

Obtain a piece of pegboard and mount it on your wall. You may construct secure locations for your tools by using eight-inch long pegboard holders. Hold your eight-inch long holder in a vice and pound a series of right angles into it with a hammer to create a corner form. One corner will serve as a secure holster for the tool’s right side, while the other will serve as a seat for the tool’s left side.

6. Create Tracks on Your Workshop Ceiling :-

Create Tracks on Your Workshop Ceiling

These tool storage alternatives will bring those big plastic storage bins up near the ceiling and out of your way if they’re taking up room on your floor. Take measurements of the bins’ tops, including the lip, to begin. The bin’s lip will slip into your track and secure it in place. Screw 2x2s into the ceiling every two feet with 3 12 inch screws. This will serve as your hanger’s body. When you slide the bins up and into place, you want the lips to just brush against the 2x2s.

To build the ledge against which the bin’s lips will rest, center and screw 1x4s into your 2x2s using 2-inch screws. It should take the shape of a T. Bins should be slid into place. Scrap wood, seasonal objects, and lightweight tools that aren’t used often can all be stored here. You may also acquire labels and write what you kept in each container on the bottom of each bin as an added advantage.

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