DIY Quilling Tool

Quilling is a technique for making elaborate designs out of rolled paper shapes. In paper crafting, scrapbooking, and card making it has made a significant comeback. You will just require a few basic supplies of DIY Quilling Tool to begin quilling.

Paper strips, a few round toothpicks, and some good liquid glue are the essential items if you just want to start quilling with very basic designs. You can easily make all of the basic quilling forms with these.

The History of Paper Quilling:-

Paper quilling dates back to the Renaissance when it was employed to decorate books and religious goods such as crosses by Italian and French nuns. These paper quilling pioneers would utilize paper strips clipped from the edges of gilded books to create gold quilled artwork.

By the 18th century, the trade had spread throughout Europe and was particularly popular among women known as “lady of leisure” (a woman who is free from responsibilities and does not need to be employed to work). Quilling became popular in the United States as the country became colonized. Still, it has since fallen out of favor of other hobbies, including sewing, sketching, and jewelry creation.

Paper Quilling in Modern Times:-

Paper quilling has made a comeback because of social media’s emergence and the capacity to share and discover new art forms. It’s simple to get started because many crafters already have the majority of the necessary supplies. Cards, invitations, and jewelry boxes can be embellished with this hobby. This art is simple to learn for both kids and adults contributes to its appeal. Paper quilling will be a lot of fun for you if you have a creative spirit and good hand-eye coordination.

Quilling Board:-

DIY Quilling Tool

A quilling board ensures that all of your spirals are the same size because quilling requires rolling strips of paper into spirals. You can roll a tight coil and then open it up to fit any of the board’s circles.

Some quilters use straight pins to secure pieces to the board. The vast open space on the right is where you can play around with different designs of basic shapes.

You might be able to get away with building your own quilling board if you’re just getting started and want to produce extremely simple designs.

Slotted DIY Quilling Tool:-

When producing quilling designs, most individuals like to use a slotted-end DIY Quilling Tool to roll their paper strips. When you turn the tool to produce a coil, you can place one end of the paper through the slot.

Regular weight paper strips will work with all slotted instruments. If you want to deal with cardstock weight paper, however, you might have difficulty putting it into the slot. If you’re working with higher-weight papers, look for a slotted tool with a slightly bigger opening.

Paper quilling strips:-

DIY Quilling Tool

Paper quilling strips are available in pre-cut bundles or cut lengths in clear plastic tubes. These quilling paper strips have been specially cut. They’re made of lighter-weight paper that’s simple to roll, glue, and adhere to your creations.

You may easily cut your own paper strips from your scrapbooking items’ patterned paper or cardstock. Cardstock is slightly more challenging to roll, but it produces really strong designs that can be used in scrapbooks and greeting cards.

To produce your own strips, simply cut 11- or 12-inch long pieces that are only 1/8-inch broad with your paper trimmer.

Liquid Glue:-

DIY Quilling Tool

You’ll need a dot of liquid glue to hold a wrapped coil in place once it’s the size you desire for your design. To make it easier to apply the glue straight to the paper strip, look for glue with a pen-size hole.

Pour a small amount of liquid glue on a disposable plate or piece of paper instead. Apply a dot of glue to your paper strip with a toothpick.

Piercer Tool and Tooth Picks:-

Piercer Tool and Tooth Picks

If your paper is too thick for a slotted tool, you can roll your paper strips with a paper piercing tool or even a simple toothpick. The toothpicks can also be used to apply liquid glue.

How to Make Your Own Paper Strips?

How to Make Your Own Paper Strips

You can produce your own paper strips in one of two ways: mechanical or manual. A shredder is used in the mechanical approach, whereas a cutting tool such as scissors, a blade, or a paper trimmer is operated manually.

You’ll need a ruler and pencil to help measure if you go the manual way and use scissors or a blade. If you’re going to use a blade, make sure to use a cutting pad to protect your surfaces. You can get rid of these extra supplies if you use a paper trimmer. Decide on a width for your paper strips and use your ruler or a paper trimmer to measure them out. Using a paper trimmer instead of scissors or a blade will generate strips much faster.

A shredder may be able to generate strips rapidly, but the smooth edges you’ll desire in your artwork will be lost. This method may or may not provide you with the desired width. Buying a shredder for paper quilling can be costly as well.

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