DIY Pumpkin Carving Tools

Let us all agree that carving a pumpkin for Halloween is very therapeutic. Some experts can convert your amazing pumpkin into a lantern but carving one for yourself is pure bliss. Starting on to your journey of DIY carving a cute and perfect lantern? We have some not-so-expensive suggestions that are easily in the market and some sitting in your kitchen cabinets. In this article we will discuss about DIY Pumpkin carving tools.

 We all agree here that spending on tools for carving that will be used only once a year makes no sense to your budget, we have come up with some amazing tools that are a combination of tools available at home and some that could bought from the market. The first and foremost rule of carving is having a clear picture of how you will use the pumpkin and how you want it to look after it is carved completely.

Once you have a clear picture you get to know the tools that will be required and be involved in the process. For example, if you want it as a lantern, you must carve a hole at the top and the bottom for the bulb to get in and the bottom hole for the batteries. Let’s see how every DIY pumpkin carving tool has its importance and relevance.

  • Keyhole saw:-
  • DIY Pumpkin Carving Tools

    This sets the first cut on the pumpkin. Its small teeth at one end of the tool pierce the gourd and give it the first start cut. The initial preparation for the gourd is to have its base flattened if you’re using it as a lantern.

    Sear the keyhole saw into the bottom to give it a flat surface to sit on. The teeth on the saw are sharp and thus can get into the pumpkin’s shell easily without extra effort. The saw is also flexible at the same time to get along with the curves of a pumpkin.

  • Scraping tool:-
  • DIY Pumpkin Carving Tools

    Scraping off the flesh from the pumpkin is the most tiring time consuming and not so pleasant task. It does not change the fact that it is the most important and unavailable task for having a perfect lantern or a candle.

    The scraping tool removes all the flesh from the inside of the pumpkin and makes it hollow for further action to be done. If you do not wish on buying scrapers for this one occasional use, you can have an ice cream scooper do your job.

  • Fleshing tool:-
  • DIY Pumpkin Carving Tools

    Just like a scrapper, this tool is also used for scraping the flesh off the pumpkins and making them hollow ready for use. But the difference between a scraper and a fleshing tool is that the fleshing tool also thins the wall of the pumpkin.

    The thinner the wall more will be the intensity of light that is radiated outside. This is the smartest way of making your carving look more attractive and brighter.

  • Awl, Needle tool, or a pin:-
  • Awl, Needle tool, or a pin

    If you don’t want a pencil or a marked marking on your pumpkin, using a DIY Pumpkin Carving Tools of needle tool or a pin for tracing purposes. Choose a design and take a print and keep it over a pumpkin. Use the needle tool to draw or bring the design to the shell of the pumpkin and then carve the marked imprints with the respective tools. This is the most fuss-free and gives a neat and clean output.

    If you do not wish on investing in needle tools then you can use the tools available at home. Tools like a toothpick or a skewer. These home tools not only help in creating a texture on the shell but also keeping weaker parts intact so that they don’t fall off is also the motive.

  • Cookie cutters:-
  • Cookie cutters

    Just like we discussed in the beginning that not all tools required for DIY Pumpkin Carving Tools to carve into a pumpkin shall be bought from the market, some might be sitting in your kitchen cabinet.  These baking tools are also found to be of great help. Shapes of cookies like a crescent moon, stars, circles, etc. other shapes related to Halloween can be used.

    One can carve the desired shape. To carve into it you’ll need a rubber mallet. Keep the cookie cutter on the shell of the pumpkin and with the help of the rubber mallet push it in to carve the shape. Repeat it till you get all the pumpkin is done, you’ll get nice whimsical designs carved on your gourd.

    Hole cutter:-

    Hole cutter

    A hole cutter helps you cut perfect holes into the rind of the pumpkin. It is available in different sizes. The perfection obtained from these types of cutters is up to the mark. If you do not want to invest in the hole cutter and you have a drill bit at your home, you can use a drill bit.

    Using a drill bit on the pumpkin is a task you’ll need to master because the power drill will be high and your hands need to be stable. The outcome of the hole cutter is more precise when compared to the outcome of a drill bit.

    There are many other types of equipment like chisels for shaving the shell and designs on the skin of the pumpkin.

    A melon baller to add textures to the shell.

    Reciprocating saw for easy and fast motion. Preferred by an experienced DIY’er.

    Seed ball cutters are all in one cutter for different types of carving shaving and fit obtaining desired textures.

    There are various DIY Pumpkin Carving Tools and tricks which one can use. The list of tools is not limited to the ones listed above. These are mere the basics. Every DIYer has a unique mind and a creative brain. The possibilities and designs and tools available in the market are plenty. Do not confine your creativity to these tools only. As you progress in your DIY journey, you will come across plenty of ideas and tools for that creativity. Happy reading and let the creativity flow.

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