DIY Power Tool Storage

DIY Power Tool Storage can feel like they’re taking over your garage or shed at times. Find out more about the 13 DIY Power Tool Storage alternatives, so you don’t misplace them again.

Every surface is covered in cords. Batteries must be located, and you can never be sure where you last put the power drill down.

While your garage or shop will never look like an episode of your favorite home improvement program, it will look a lot less like an episode of Hoarders. We’ve identified storage solutions for anything from power drills to circular saws that reduce clutter, save time hunting for tools and attachments and increase usefulness and space.

What are the chances? You may even find that your honey-do list is finally completed!

We have power DIY Power Tool Storage alternatives for everyone, regardless of their space or project requirements. We’ve compiled a list of your finest options, whether you need a mobile solution that can go from your garage to the project site or some toolbox organizing ideas that make use of vacant garage wall space.

Let’s get started. Look over our list, dig through your tools for the ones you’ll need, and get started.

1. Create a Docking and Charging Station:-

DIY Power Tool Storage

Don’t only store your DIY Power Tool Storage; with this fantastic alternative, you can charge them all at once! These power strips will supply the necessary electricity for your charging station. The drawer comes in handy for storing drill bits, screws, and other tools.

2. Take Your Tools Wherever You Go:-

DIY Power Tool Storage

It can be aggravating to have to go back and forth to collect the tools and supplies you need when working on a project, especially when it comes to car repairs or other complicated jobs that necessitate using a wide range of gear.

This fantastic choice lets you carry your workstation around the house with you. The importance of freedom and convenience cannot be overstated, and this project provides both. You can get an excellent set of caster wheels online, according to the inventor.

3. Pallets With A Purpose:-

DIY Power Tool Storage

A DIY list would be incomplete without at least one reused pallet project. Pallets are quite versatile for project needs, and they’re also extremely beautiful in this case.

We appreciate how you can add shelves, drawer spaces, and other features as needed while still maintaining the rustic style!

4. Space Saving Solution:-


This fantastic wall unit saves room on your workbench and in your cabinets while keeping all of your power tools organized and visible.

5. Repurpose a Coat Rack:-

Repurpose a Coat Rack

Perhaps you already have a coat rack in your garage, waiting to be sold at your next yard sale. Make the most of it by repurposing it to hang your power tools.

If you don’t already have a coat rack, these ideas will assist you in creating your own hanging storage system.

6. Pegboard Problem Solver:-

silk ropes fixed at hooks on a rectangular tube of steel

This may be the most straightforward and complete method of storing all of your tools and materials in one location. What’s even better is that this design just requires 5.5″ of depth, and the pegboard can be cut to fit any size wall.

7. Double Duty:-

Double Duty

Make a beautiful piece of furniture that may be used for tool storage or as useful furniture in the home.

This lovely handcrafted armoire takes a lot of time and effort to make, but the result is a design that’s almost too attractive to keep in the garage for tool storage.

8. Budget Friendly:-

Budget Friendly

A $20 storage and charging solution that is quick and easy to put together? We’re not making it up; it truly does exist!

This design uses only one sheet of 3/4′′ plywood to hold a whole set of cordless power tools.

9. French Cleats and Other Feats:-

French Cleats

All the best things have French in them: French Feats, French Cleats are a unique and resourceful method to hang your power equipment while also repurposing spare wood from around the house.

This system can be tailored to the size and shape requirements of your tools, from drills to skill saws. Another excellent detail is the cord storage hooks.

10. Rolling With The Punches:-

Rolling With The Punches

We like how tiny this storage solution is, but it’s also versatile enough to hold your air compressor. Miter saws, hammers, and other tools can all be stored on this rolling cart that can be slid up next to your work area.

11. Storage and Workspace All in One:-

Storage and Workspace

At its best, “grab and go” storage. This storage solution not only has enough room for all of your equipment, but it also has a pull-out table for sorting tools or working on little projects.

The casters make it easy to move your tools around the garage, and the drawers can be taken out and transferred to your work area.

12. Rollaway Workbench:-

Rollaway Workbench

storage for power tools with workspace and mobility Ana White contributed this image.

Ana White’s concepts are always so adaptable and practical. These plans truly do result in the ideal workbench. Bench tools, table saws, and a place to put everything away at the end of the day

13. Workshop In A Box:-


When you can unfurl a full workshop from a small cabinet, it’s really incredible.

This storage option has built-in lights, a retractable vise, and an 8′ workstation that takes up only 6′ when closed.

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