DIY Nail Art Tools

Do you love long and well-groomed nails but cannot afford to go to the salon every time? But
that doesn’t need to be expensive. You can pull off an amazingly ravishing nail art by sitting at
your home. We all know that mastering DIY nail art tools is not an easy task. A lot of practice and patience
are required for it.

You can groom your nails with the help of tools sitting in the corner of your cupboard. Let’s see
quite a few of those tools that can help create those beautiful textures at home without buying
those expensive nail art tools that drain energy from my paycheck.

You can choose to have nail art stickers, rhinestones, and so many other entities available in the market but are they required if you are just starting to show interest in nail art? Let’s find out how beautiful designs and
textures can be attained by the objects that are sitting in the corner of your house.

Scotch Tape:-

DIY Nail Art Tools

If you want a zig-zag design or stripes on your nails and you don’t have a steady hand and you
always end up with a spoiled design, then there is no point in spending some extra bucks, and by
this readymade design. All you’ll need is scotch tape. Apply the base color and let it dry
completely for a few minutes.

Once the base is completely set and has dried, stick the scotch tape on the nail in the required pattern and design, and then quickly run another color over it. Let this color dry completely before removing the Scotch tape because if the color is wet, it might spread and leave a different pattern. This, Scotch tape is a perfect example of DIY Nail art tools for having a striped design.

Scotch tape is used generally for French manicures and chevron types design on nails.


DIY Nail Art Tools

This is another DIY Nail art tools that is easily available in all households. They make up for an
easy dotting tool. All you have to do is dip the end of the toothpick into the nail polish and dab it
one after another on the nail creating a Dotti cure like design.

There are endless possibilities for creating a dotting tool at home. Bobby pins, U pins, matchsticks, pencil tips all can be the best replacements for toothpicks if it is not available at the moment in your house.

Fan Brush:-

DIY Nail Art Tools

To recreate a layered pattern for your nail art, a fan brush can be used for creating fine lines one
above another. First, apply the base color and let it dry completely. Once the nail polish base has
dried off completely dip the fan brush into the color of your choice and move it gently over the
nail. Once this layer dries off you can go for another layer.

For this layering, you need not go to the market to buy all the new stuff specifically designed under the DIY Nail art tools, you can use any of the old paintbrushes available at home which are of no use now.

Makeup sponge:-

Makeup sponge

Did you know that your makeup sponge can do something more than just applying products to
your face?Going crazy behind the gradient manicure trend and want to try it at home?

Well, here we have a finding for you. Apply the base coat and let it dry off completely. Then pour the color
gradient that you want onto your makeup sponge and press it over your nails.

You can repeat this process unless you are happy with the product. After this, the final step is to apply atop a coat of transparent nail polish to seal it.



Straws help a DIY’erto recreate a splattered-like design. If you want to re-create multiple circles
on the nail, simply dip the end of the straw into the nail polish and press it over the nails.

Glad wrap:-

Glad wrap

To create a pattern with the glad wrap you can scrunch it up and dip it into the nail polish and
dab it on your nails.



Band-Aids are yet another means available at home that can easily replace decals. The small
circular band-aids that are used over blisters are used for this. They can help create shapes of the
crescent moon etc. and if you want color-blocking nail art then you can use a regular band-aid.

Paper towels:-

Paper towels

If you want a texture on nails that resembles the texture of the skin of the snake then paper
towels are the easiest go-to alternative you can have. The texture of the paper towels resembles
that of resembles a reptile. Take a small piece of paper toweldip it into the nail polish and
randomly dab it over the nails. This creates impressive texture on the nail.



This one is tool is not something easily available for a normal household. These are stamps
available specifically available for nails. They’re smaller in size as compared to the stamps that
we generally use for paper but instead of using an ink pad, you have to dip it into nail polish. The
rest of the function is similar to that of a regular stamp. You can make all the shapes customized.
Make sure that after every use, the stamp is cleaned with acetone to remove all the excessive nail

Press on nails:-

Press on nails

If you are someone who has trouble growing your nails long but would still love ravishing nail
art, you can always choose nail extensions aka press on nails. They are easy to use.

They can be used only once but they make the process faster as you can do the desired nail art while they are
still not attached to your nail. This makes working on your non-dominant side nails easier.
We hope you find this helpful enough to start your DIY Nail art tools journey with the little tips that
we have for you.

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