DIY Metal Working Tools

DIY Metal Working Tools

Metalwork, like oil painting, photography, and sculpture, is a form of expression. It takes years and dedication to one’s chosen area to become a professional. That doesn’t mean you can’t get engaged, start studying, and try to tackle a few jobs yourself. Forming and molding metal into a headlight bucket or engine cover appears more popular than ever. We’ve compiled a list of the most helpful DIY Metal Working Tools, ranging from low-cost starting kits to high-end professional machines. The tools are available to try your hand at louvers, roll a bead, or build a simple rust-repair patch panel. You can start your learning process by watching internet videos or by enrolling in a training seminar or class.


DIY Metal Working Tools

An English wheel is one of the best DIY Metal Working Tools to have at your disposal if you’re serious about metal shaping. The English wheel was invented well over a century ago. It makes metal curves, bends, and forms smooth and uniform. Covell Creative Metalworking has developed its own Signature Series English Wheel. It is designed to last for years.

The sturdy frame lets you easily shape 12-gauge steel and crushes aluminum welds flat. The kick wheel is low to the ground for convenient adjustments. It has a 30-inch throat depth to reach the center of a 5-foot panel. The screw-jack has a wide diameter tube.

It adds rigidity, and the machine’s distinctive A-frame leg design keeps it sturdy and safe. A long-lasting powder-coat finish will keep the tool clean and in good condition for many years.

Classic Holes:-

DIY Metal Working Tools

A set of Dimple Dies is one of the best DIY Metal Working Tools you can get started with (and one of the most addictive). Dimple Dies are useful tools that allow you to produce a precise hole in the sheet metal to add a personal touch to your work. Speedway Motors has a kit of seven different sizes that will have you punch holes in any leftover sheet metal in your shop.

These decorative holes are formed using a heavy-duty pair of dies that cut through the sheet metal rather than drills. The self-centering mechanism of the bolt and nut will generate consistent holes for unique touches on interior panels, radiator supports, and more.

The Speedway package comes with 12-, 34-, 1-, 112-, 112-, 134-, and 2-inch dies that may be used on metal up to 16 gauge thick. (On their website, Speedway also sells individual Dimple Dies.)

Dagger Tools:-

DIY Metal Working Tools

“What tools do I need to get started?” is one of the most common questions students have at the end of one of Dagger Tools’ Metal Shaping Classes. The answer can be found in the Metal Shaping Starter Kit from the company.

This package includes all of the hand tools you’ll need to start metal shaping and vehicle body panel restoration. To help layout and raise metal, Dagger’s package includes bossing mallets and body hammers, as well as a joining/welding fixture, weld/seam prep tool, and other finishing equipment. They also provide a helpful Metal Raising Guideline.



Pella, Iowa-based Trick-Tools teamed up with metal specialist Ron Covell to establish a Signature Line of Body Hammers and Dolly Blocks to increase further their depth of experience and tool choices for metalworking. Ron Covell has specified these made-in-the-USA hand tools as his best designs from his more than 50 years of metal-shaping experience.

The Covell Hammers have an octagon-shaped hickory handle that is well-balanced, robust and provides good grip. Five typical dolly blocks are available, with low and high crowns and a variety of radii for intricate shaping. These hammers and dollies are drops forged from high carbon steel, heat-treated, tempered and polished to last for years.

Summit Racing Equipment:-

Summit Racing Equipment

Bulking up your muscle car’s tire/wheel combination can drastically improve its attitude and handling. Still, nothing is more frustrating than going for a test drive only to hear the tires rubbing against the inside fender lip. You could hammer or reduce the troublesome sheet metal, but that’s a caveman’s approach.

A Fender Rolling Tool (SUM-900790) from Summit Racing can help you achieve a smooth finish by safely rolling the inner fender lip in to provide a bit more clearance.

The tool fits most classic and muscle automobiles since it connects directly to the wheel hub flange and reaches 14 to 22.75 inches from the hub to the edge of the fender. Simply rotate the system, and the ball-bearing-supported wheel will equally roll the fender lip, allowing your new tires to fit.

Mittler Bros:-

Mittler Bros

When it comes to metalworking, the hammer is one of the essential tools. We all like a good hammer, which is a must-have in any toolbox or pegboard, but hammers get more specialized when it comes to forging metal. A dead blow hammer is one of the most common hammers, and Mittler Bros. Machine and Tool carries them in various sizes and shapes.

A dead blow hammer is designed to have a low rebound, resulting in less damage to the working area. A full canister loaded with shot or a heavy sand substance sits inside the head of a death blow hammer. The shot material is behind the hammer’s head as it descends.

When it impacts, the inertia of the shot material continues to descend, resulting in a reduced rebound while imparting a strong impact on the substance. The hit is forceful but considerably more even and less sharp than a regular hammer, protecting the working part from harm.

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