DIY Leather Tools

Leather is one of the most versatile and long-lasting crafting materials available. Leather is ideal for a chic handcrafted purse, but it’s also a terrific choice for a rustic magazine rack or a pair of coasters. Leather is an excellent alternative for handmade goods that require a bit more robustness than other natural textiles, thanks to its wide range of finishes (think: pebbled, patent, and nubuck). Working with leather is significantly easier with a few core tools because it is a fairly durable medium. Before beginning your first project with leather, try gathering these 10 DIY Leather Tools.

10 DIY Leather Tools

1. Needle & Thread for at least 2 Harnesses:-

DIY Leather Tools

You’ll need these for almost every leathercraft project you can think of. To begin the basic saddle stitch, you’ll need at least two needles, plus several additional needles in case one breaks (which can happen if you work with thicker leather).

If you’re looking for a whole set, Jupean has you covered.

2. Head Knife or Round Knife:-

DIY Leather Tools

This instrument is the ultimate icon of the leathercraft profession for a reason: it’s a versatile blade that can be used for a range of tasks, such as cutting out basic forms and trimming edges before getting into the finer details.

3. Scratch Awl:-

DIY Leather Tools

A scratch awl is available in several sizes and can be used for a variety of tasks:

  • It makes hand stitching easier by allowing you to poke holes through your leather.
  • You may also use an awl to sketch designs on the top grain of your leather.
  • The good news is that a decent quality awl is relatively reasonable, and having one in your leathercraft starter kit is a must.

4. Precision Knife:-

DIY Leather Tools

Precision knives, as the name suggests, can cut with pinpoint accuracy. This makes them ideal for modest projects on lightweight leather, which you would most likely begin with as a beginner to leather manufacturing.

5. Cutting Board:-

 Cutting Board

A cutting board is a leathercraft tool that is well worth the investment. You won’t discover your tools cutting through your furniture or damaging your blades if you choose the right board.

6. Edge Guide:-

Edge Guide

An edge guide is a metal tool that cuts a straight groove into your leather to act as a stitch guide. This groove also allows your stitches to be flush with the surface of your leather, giving it a polished appearance.

  • This leathercraft tools kit with leather totals 424 pieces and includes a cutting mat, silent hole punch, thimble, waxed threads, sewing awls, leather tool holder, stamping tools, adjustable groover, and needles to meet your basic sewing needs for leather, canvas, fabric, denim, tarpaulin, paper, and other projects. These leather-making instruments are kept arranged in a wooden leather toolbox.
  • Wooden Leather Tool Holder and Leather Stamps Set: The leather package, which includes a 20-tape leather stamping tool and a letter-number stamping set, can help you make an impact on your work. Leathercrafting equipment, modeling tools, and painting brushes are all stored on this multifunctional wooden rack. This is a really practical leather tool holder that you can use at home or in the studio.
  • Storage Box and Manual for Leather Tools: A wooden leather tools box case is ideal for carrying leather craft tools with you wherever you go. The instructions teach you how to use various tools in a short amount of time, so you don’t have to worry about losing anything and can start working on your belt or leather handbag project right away!
  • Tools that are both practical and useful: DIY leather crafts, belt, and leather handbag creation, clothes repairs and decoration of wristbands, caps, jeans, windbreakers, belts, shoes, sandals, down jackets, shirt, bags, backpacks, and so on are all made easier with half-round cutter punch, leather rivets, and snap fastening tool.
  • Leathercraft stamping tools are excellent for both beginners and experts, making them the ideal gift for handicraft enthusiasts. It’s also a great gift idea for parents, relatives, and friends, especially those who enjoy DIY hand stitching.

7. Maul or Mallet:-

Maul or Mallet

Whatever name you give it, its function is the same: to act as a hammer. To begin, we recommend purchasing two different types of mauls.

  • For general-purpose tooling, a lighter rawhide or poly maul is recommended.
  • A heavier-weight maul for tougher jobs like chiseling through stacks of leather.

8. Pricking Irons:-

Pricking Irons

Pricking irons are diamond chisels that prick several leather holes, making sewing easier. It merely leaves a minor mark on your leather that your awl can subsequently pierce through.

It’s advisable to get two sizes of this tool: one with 6-8 prongs for straight lines and another with 2 prongs for tight corners.

9. Edge Beveler:-

Edge Beveler

A hand tool with a sharp blade that rounds off your corners and makes them look smooth and consistent is known as an edge beveled. When it’s time to burnish your edges, it’ll be much easier.

10. Wood Slicker:-

 Wood Slicker

The wood slicker protects and polishes the edges of your work. This protects it from wear and tear while giving it a professional appearance.

Obtaining leathercraft instruments does not necessitate a substantial financial expenditure. Once you’ve got them, you’ll be able to enjoy the thrill of taking some leather and converting it into gorgeous, one-of-a-kind pieces.

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