DIY Haircut Tools

DIY Haircut Tools:-Do you know what is razor cut and scissor cut? Why should you know that? Because most of the people, men specially are opting to cut their hair by themselves.

The reason being cutting hair on own makes it cheaper, saves your time as you don’t have to wait at the salon for very long plus tools for giving yourself a haircut are quite easy and affordable to use with no rocket science being involved. Mastering the use of basic tools is must. But worry not, they’re just hair and they grow back if done wrong.

So, let’s begin the process of understanding how the wonders are done in a small room of your house. The best DIY Haircut Tools are: –

  • Shear scissors:-
  • DIY Haircut Tools

    One might think how learning to use a scissors is important? It is used everyday and requires no understanding of rocket science. But shears are different than the regular scissors. They’re made specifically for cutting hair. They have a typical design so that a stylist is comfortable using it. These scissors have a projection usually referred to as ‘tang’.

    The purpose of providing this projection is so that the user can rest its little finger on it. This provides grip, control and comfort to the user. Shears are basically 5 inches to 7 inches long.

    In current times where ergonomics is taking over everything, shears also have a ergonomically designed model which provides a user more comfort and prevents the DIY Haircut Tools from hand, shoulder and back pain from using it.

    The sharpness of the shears make them different from the regular scissors. One must have noticed that regular scissor bends the end of the object that you cut but shears are so sharp that they cut your hair straight without bending the ends.

    Every DIY’er shall take a note here that shears need to be sharpened more often in order to have precision in cutting your hair.

  • Thinning and texturizing shears:-
  • DIY Haircut Tools

    This tool is a boon for all hair type. They have teeth either on one side of the scissor or on both the sides. This has to be a number one tool in a DIY Haircut Tools box. Thinning Sears and texturizing shears do wonders when it comes to remove excess weight from hair or to add on the volume.

    Thinning shears are used to remove excess weight from your hair and they require smaller gaps between the teeth. Whereas texturizing scissor add layers to your hair. They lower the baby hair so that the long hair can lay over them. They have large gaps between the teeth.

  • Straight Razor/ Razor comb:-
  • DIY Haircut Tools
    Barber Shop. The hairdresser has a scissors and a comb, with a mask for the pandemic

    A razor cut gives a precise and clean look as compared to cut by shears. Razors give amazing texture to hair and a perfect diamond cut look. As the name suggests, razor comb is a comb which has razor blade between it’s teeth. They are very difficult to master but once you get the use of it, they add to an amazing thinning tool.

    But if you’re not versed with the use of it, you can also end up having bald spots. If your child is being grumpy seeing a shear for a hair cut, razor comb is a perfect solution for your kid.

    For texturizing, the classic good to go tip is that one should use this razor comb over wet hair. But if you’re having curly hair, this tool is not your friend as you might end up having more frizz after the haircut.

  • Hair Clippers:-
  • Hair Clippers

    Many might DIY’er might think that having hair trimmer covers up the requirement of hair clipper. This is just not the case. Hair clippers are used to cut huge chunks of hair. They cut hair away from the skin. They have 2 rotating razor that rotate back and forth to cut all the hair that comes in between them.

    Here, there the difference between a clipper and razor is, while the clipper cuts chunk of hair, the trimmer is used for finishing purpose. It cuts hair very near the skin, to finish of a perfect line behind ears or at the back of the neck. Every DIY’er must have this tool in your collection as it is very easy to learn the use.

    They come in cordless versions also. They are either chargeable or work on use and throw batteries. Lubricating oils are also available for Clippers to avoid rusting and corrosion of blades. This enhances the life of blades and making it’s  use smooth and prevents friction and heat due to continuous operation.

  • A three way mirror:-
  • A three way mirror

    Let’s not forget this inevitable tool for a DIY Haircut Tools.  A three way mirror in a self cut system is a mobile mirror which can be hung over the wall or anywhere around the place where you choose to cut your hair.

    Using a handheld mirror for someone who is just beginning can create a lot of hassle and might risk your hair cut going a wrong way. Imagine cutting your hair with one hair and holding a mirror in the other.

    A three way mirror makes the task very much more easy and hassle free. It helps you see you’re the sides of your hair pretty easily and thus making the task easy and eliminates the risk of going wrong with your cut.

  • Cape and a neck duster:-
  • Cape and a neck duster
    Barber places protector on the neck of a child’s barber’s cape to keep cut hair out of his clothes

    If you’re not the one who likes small hair sticking to your neck and your clothes then you should definitely have these in your home.

    Capes prevent the hair to stick to your clothes that make you itchy later on while neck duster dusts off small shavings from the head that stick to your neck. Capes are general reusable. But use and throw one’s are also available in market.

    These were some of the DIY Haircut Tools at home that one must have. We hope you find this to be useful in adding to the knowledge of your hair cutting tools being a beginner or wanting to know out of curiosity.

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