PVC Tool Rack

DIY Hair Tool Organize

You wouldn’t give up your favorite curling iron for anything, but you’re unlikely to have a designated storage spot for it. Keeping your heat styling equipment clean and organized is crucial for more than simply aesthetic reasons—having a secure location to keep them will help them last longer since easier organization means fewer damaged cables and falls from the counter. Try one of these DIY Hair Tool Organize to keep your favorite hair styling equipment safe and your bathroom looking stylish:-

PVC Pipe Hair Tool Stand

DIY Hair Tool Organize

If you don’t have a lot of hair tools, this is a terrific DIY Hair Tool Organize alternative. Pick up a PVC “Y” Connector at Home Depot or Lowe’s. Use a primer and spray paint of your choice to finish it.

Then, on the inside, glue several fishing weights to the bottom to increase support (try using Gorilla Glue). It’s simple, inexpensive, and customized to fit your particular taste! Place your hairdryer, straightener, or curler on your counter and turn it on.

PVC Curling Iron Holsters:-

DIY Hair Tool Organize

Simply go to your local hardware store and get some hook-and-loop tape and PVC pipe. To hold curling irons, use hook-and-loop tape to attach 5-inch sections of 2″ PVC tubing to your cabinet door.

To hold the cords, do the same procedure using 3-inch sections of 1.5″ diameter pipe. Before cutting the pipe, make sure you measure your irons!

Command Hook Holders:-

DIY Hair Tool Organize

Command hooks are a terrific method to store hair tools without investing a lot of money.

Get some Command Hooks from the shop, but make sure they support at least 1 pound of weight. Before usage, attach them to the inside of your bathroom cabinets and let them sit for about one hour. Then wrap the cables around your hair tools and hang them up!

Metal File Box:-

DIY Hair Tool Organize

This is yet another low-cost option for storing hair tools.

Pick up a lovely metal file box at your local Office Depot, Target, or Container Store. Check to see if it’s wall-mountable or made of mesh.

If it’s mesh, all you need are command hooks to connect it to the side of your bathroom counter, and you’ve got instant storage!

Shoe Organizer:-

Shoe Organizer

Just because a pocketed shoe organizer is labeled as such doesn’t imply you can only use it for shoes!

Simply hang it over a bathroom door and load it with all of your hair products, brushes, sprays, and combs. It’s super simple, super affordable, and super accessible.

Stainless Steel Utensil Holder:-

Stainless Steel Utensil Holder

Who doesn’t enjoy shopping at IKEA? It’s easy to get lost in there, but it’s a lot of fun. Pick up one of these stainless steel utensil holders the next time you’re at the store or on their website. They can be found in the cooking area.

They’re perfect for hair tools since they’re solid and tall enough to hold long irons, even though they’re generally used for ladles, spatulas, and other similar equipment. Furthermore, stainless steel can look both industrial and luxurious.

Magazine Holder:-

Magazine Holder

Repurposing something you already have might save you a lot of money when it comes to organizing. Look around your desk to see whether there’s a magazine holder.

This adorable gold metal magazine holder can also be used to store hair tools. It’s also charming and gives the bathroom a bit of glitzy metallic sparkle. Simply wrap your irons in their cords and place them in the oven!

Hair Tool Caddy:-

Hair Tool Caddy

The hanging hair tool caddy is another bathroom storage option. Target, Walmart, Amazon, and other department and beauty stores carry them. Simply hang it over a towel bar, and your flat iron, curling iron, and hairdryer will have a home. They usually come with a handy tiny cord storage place on the rear as well!

This Threshold DIY Hair Tool Organize is a terrific option if you like a more natural look!

It’s made of lush acacia wood and looks stunning on your counter. It has three metal compartments for flat irons and curlers, as well as various split sections for sprays, hair ties, and other hair accessories towards the bottom.

Metal Over-Cabinet-Door Organizer:-

Metal Over-Cabinet-Door Organizer

This Over-Cabinet Door Storage Basket by design is ideal if you don’t trust command hooks to stand up and still want to use your cabinet door for storage.

It’s well-made and will fit almost any regular bathroom cabinet door.

Simply put your hair tool through the circular, and the cord can be stored in the basket at the bottom if necessary.

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