DIY Gardening Tools

Gardening is a great hobby but maintaining our garden required some basic tools and ideas to  protect the garden. There are some essential DIY gardening tools, if you don’t want to  purchase them you can make them from recycled materials. It’s an eco-friendly practice to  use tools made from recycled material to avoid waste.

Why use homemade tools?

Saving money is everyone’s priority anywhere you can save is your benefit and helpful.  Homemade DIY gardening tools can save your money. Those amounts of money you are  spending to purchase some basic gardening tools.

Essential gardening tools you should have:-

There are some basic but essential DIY Gardening Tools required for gardening but some of them are a little  costly. You can make some of them by yourself through recycled materials and it requires no  hard work.

Gardening gloves:-

DIY Gardening Tools

Gardening is a work of muds and dirt. No one wants dirty or muddy hands after gardening.  To protect your hand from sharp tools, rough and pointer splinters you should have to use  gloves. Always keep in mind that gardening gloves should not be too bulky because bulky  gloves create difficulty while transplanting seeds.

Gloves should be water-resistant, durable, and comfortable, leather gloves are most  favorable.

Water can:

DIY Gardening Tools

Water can is very needed if you have plants in small pots and bushes. Metal water can are  easily available in the market. Plastic water cans are also used for watering. In this article,  you can learn how to turn your plastic cans into a watering cans.

Hand spade:

DIY Gardening Tools

Little hand spade is the basic need of every garden. Hand spades are used to dig holes for  plants, lifting and transferring the amount of soil to another place. Hand spades will become a  little heavy for your wallet but don’t have to be worried. We can make homemade Hand  spades using recycled material.


DIY Gardening Tools

What about heavy bags of dirt and extra soil covering the ground? You need a wheelbarrow  which is light in weight and can be handled easily to lift all the dirty loads around the garden.

7 gardening tools you can make from recycled materials:

Making homemade DIY Gardening Tools can be simple its doesn’t require any specific skills and you don’t  have to be ingenious you just have to be a handy person.

Converting detergent can into watering can:

Converting detergent can into watering can

Your empty detergent can might be a piece of garbage in your eye but it will be a watering  can.

• Take off all the stickers from the can.

• Wash the empty can thoroughly.

• By using Hammer and Nail drill as many holes as you like in the bottom of a can,  your watering can is all ready to serve.

Handhled milk jug scoop:

 Handhled milk jug scoop

Scoop in gardening is used for scooping potting soil, its shape makes it possible for you to  pick up the soil in good quantity and its narrow opening prohibits the spilling of soil.

• Take a half-gallon milk jug, angled cut the side opposite to handle. The handle side  must be a little longer to look like a scoop, not a funnel.

• First draw a line using the marker.

• Use a sharp scissor to cut on the line.

• Sleek the rough surface and sharp edges of your milk jug scoop.

Greenhouse using plastic bottles:

Greenhouse using plastic bottles

You can easily convert a liter plastic bottle into a mini greenhouse. The greenhouse is made  to grow plants an all-season especially in winter because bottles are clear and bottle hold the  heat from Sunlight and stay warm.

• Remove all the labels (for nice looks).

• Thoroughly wash and clean the bottles.

• Cut the bottom of the bottles by using sharp scissors.

• Place the tops over a susceptible plant to keep it protected and warm.

Seed holders jar:

Seed holders jar

It is difficult to keep organized and protect the seed packet and it is not easy to re-seal it once  opened.

• Take an empty kitchen jar, spice jar is most favorable.

• Clean the jar and wash it thoroughly.

• Label the jar using markers.

Your seed holder is all ready, store your seed in the jar.

Plant seed in recycled egg cartons:

Plant seed in recycled egg cartons

Styrofoam egg cartons also serve as a container for seed starting.

• Clean the egg cartons and cut the egg cell from each carton.

• Labelled the egg cup with a flower name.

• Make a drainage hole in each egg cell.

• Fill those cups about half full with soil.

• Put the seed inside into the half-full cups.

• Cover the seed with a thin layer of soil and ground mixture.

• Put the seed cups in a waterproof container.

Two-liter sprinkle:

 Two-liter sprinkle

Interested in making sprinkles for use in gardening?

• Make strategic holes around the Two-liter bottle.

• Your bottle opening must dry.

• Attach a garden hose with a bottle by using duct tape.

Your sprinkle is all ready to serve as your garden tool.

Wheelbarrow made of tablecloth:

Wheelbarrow made of tablecloth

The wheelbarrow is costly to buy but a basic need of all gardeners. To reduce the cost recycle  your old table cloth or picnic blanket into a wheelbarrow. Use them to lift heavy bags of soil  and garbage around the garden.

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