DIY Cordless Tool Storage

These are the best DIY Cordless Tool Storage solutions with easy-to-follow instructions if you think your DIY Cordless Tool Storage is easy-to-follow, not adequate! This entire organizer can be created from a single sheet of plywood, and we’ve included a guide to show you how to cut to get the most out of your sheet.

This self-organizing tool will help you organize your existing power equipment and batteries for convenient access. This power tool shelf has made it easy to locate the power tool batteries we require, easily select the appropriate drill, and store battery chargers.

DIY Cordless Tool Storage

Why is this DIY Cordless Tool Storage better than a regular shelf?

The cordless drill storage rack in the open bottom slots provides a lot of the shelf’s organization, making it easier to identify which one is best for the project and quickly grab it, rather than rummaging through a drawer in a tool chest or trying to remember where you set your drill down from your last project.

Will the spacing work for any cordless tools?

We typically use Ridgid Power Tools. Thus the spacing was created with that in mind. If you don’t have as many drills as we do, you could keep flashlights, a multitool, or Ridgid’s SubCompact saw there instead.

Check the widths and heights of the tools you want to put on this shelf to make sure they’ll fit or alter the cuts to accommodate their size. Changing the width of the slots won’t affect the shelf’s integrity as long as there are roughly 1.5 inches of space between them to sustain the weight of the tools. You may also change the heights of the top and middle shelves to accommodate the goods you want to keep.

Materials Required:

  • 1 sheet of 3/4″ plywood, 4’x8″ (Cabinet Grade or Sandee Ply)
  • #8 x 1-1/2 in. GRK Fasteners StarDrive is a road in the United States that Trim Screw/Trim Head Finish
  • #10 x 3-1/8 in. GRK Fasteners StarDrive is a road in the United States that RSS Structural Screws with Washer Heads
  • Titebond III is the third installment of the Titebond series. 2″ – 18 ga. wood glue Finish your nails (Optional)
  • a can of paint (If you want to have a paint finished project))

Building the Cordless Tool Organizer:-

  • Begin by utilizing the provided cut list to cut all of the necessary sections from the sheet of cabinet-grade plywood. If you don’t have a table saw, you can have your local home improvement store cut them out with a panel saw if you don’t have one.
  • The tool slots on the bottom shelf should be spaced out and measured. Using a scroll saw blade on a jigsaw, cut the openings. Before cutting the tool slots, double-check the width(s) of your tools’ handles.
  • Layout where the shelves will go using the two side panels (green). To draw a line across the panel, use a scrap of paper or a straight edge. If you wish to add a design element, you can round or taper the edge.
  • Apply glue to each border of the peach-colored bottom shelf and screw it into place on only one side panel, making sure the tool slots face outwards. You can also use an 18 ga. Nail to hold it in place temporarily. Finish with the nailer, then return with the screws later.
  • Glue and nail the dividers (pink) to the bottom shelf in an even pattern. Longer tools, such as a reciprocating saw, will be stored in the void on the far right.
  • Continue to assemble the shelf by gluing and nailing the main shelf (orange) to the dividers and side panels. At this point, the last divider must be put.
  • Install the last shelf using glue, nails, and/or trim screws in the same manner as the previous one. Except for the back panel, the shelf is now nearly complete.
  • The back panel is divided into two portions for convenient wall mounting. On the sides and into the top shelf, the skinny part will be bonded and screwed together.
  • You can paint the shelf right now if you want to.

Hanging the DIY Cordless Tool Storage:-

  • Install the bigger piece of the rear panel to the wall, using GRK RSS Structural 3″ Screws to anchor into at least two wall studs. A minimum of two screws should be installed per stud. Because of the wide washer head and exceptional holding force, these screws are ideal for heavy applications like this one. (For clarity, the drywall is not seen.)
  • Slide the organizer over the wall-mounted back panel to complete the installation. Both panels’ angle cuts will interlock, forming a secure connection. A french-cleat is what this is called.

Our batteries, drills, and other power tools have all been kept tidy and accessible thanks to this cordless tool storage. The extra shelving is ideal for storing and charging batteries, and the cordless drill storage rack makes all the difference. It was simple to construct and inexpensive, and it added a professional touch to the garage.

Is this power tool shelf something you’d like to have in your garage? To acquire a printable PDF of the cordless tool storage ideas to use as a guide for building your own cordless tool organizer, fill out the form below.

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