DIY Blanket Ladder No Tools

DIY Blanket Ladder No Tools:-Ladders made of blankets! This is a fantastic method to keep your blankets organized without taking up too much space while also adding extra warmth to your house. And I’m all about getting things done! But I’m not crazy about the prices some places are asking for them. They cost ranging from $35 to $200. $35 isn’t awful, especially considering they’re made by hand, but $200 is just too much.

But what if I told you that you could construct a lovely blanket ladder for about $20 without using any power tools? I’ll walk you through each step of making your own attractive blanket ladder without breaking the bank by using DIY Blanket Ladder No Tools. When you’re done, you’ll have a fantastic piece that will add warmth and comfort to your house!

DIY Blanket Ladder No Tools

Step 1: Collect Your Supplier

The final cost will be dependent on what you already have in your home. But, in case you have to start from scratch, I’ll list every element we used and the approximate price.


DIY Blanket Ladder No Tools

These instructions are for a DIY Blanket Ladder No Tools that measures 5’x21″. If you want to adjust the height, the size of the 24’s you need to buy, as well as the price, will change.

$4.34 for a -2″x4″x10″ (Note: the board’s real dimensions are 1.5″x3.5″x10′.)

$2.44 for -2″x4″x92-58%” (Note: the board’s real dimensions are 2″x4″x92-5/8″.)


DIY Blanket Ladder No Tools

You’ll need at least three different grit levels of sandpaper to smooth the boards effectively:

  • “Coarse” 60 grit
  • “Medium grit” 100 grit
  • 220 grit “extra fine.”


  • Miniwax 8fl oz. stain (your choice of color): $4.82
  • Mini way Polyurethane: $4.97
  • Find everything you can around the house that you don’t mind using for stain and polyurethane, whether it’s brushes or cloth!

You can use any sealer you like! You’re not obligated to use a sealer if you don’t want to. The sealer prevents the stain from changing color over time and becoming destroyed if it gets wet.


  • $2.97 for a box of 50 3″ internal screws.
  • Screwdriver and elbow grease!

Step 2: Get Your Boards Cut:-

You’ve calculated your board dimensions, purchased your boards, and now it’s time to cut them. But how will you miss the wood if you don’t have any power tools? You won’t need a handsaw, I guarantee! If you want to give it a shot, it’s a great workout. However, I have a more straightforward solution for you. Many home improvement companies that sell lumber provide a free wood cutting station to have your boards cut.

That’s precisely what I’ve done. After purchasing my wood at Lowes, I went to the back and had one of the employees cut it to the measurements I required with their saw. It’s free, and you won’t have to deal with the mess or the cost of sawing your own wood.

Step 3: Sand the Boards:-

Sand every single board on all sides and end with the grain until it’s smooth, starting with the coarsest sandpaper (60 grit). Slowly brushing your fingertips along the grain is a good rule of thumb. If you think rubbing against it will cause splinters, sand a little more. When it’s smooth, you’ll be able to run your hand down the wood without fear of damaging it.

Switch to 100 grit sandpaper. Give it a thorough examination.

Switch to 220 grit sandpaper. Give it a thorough once-over.

Step 4: Stain!

To obtain a solid understanding of how to stain your boards effectively, read the directions on the stain container. The number of coats you apply will depend on the intensity of color you want. We used one coat of Special Walnut on our blanket ladder.

Step 5: Seal it!

To get the best results, read the directions on the can of polyurethane or sealant. We only applied one coat of poly since we wanted the stain to be protected for a longer time and have a little gloss, but we also wanted it to retain its rustic appearance. Remember that this step is optional but highly encouraged.

Step 6: Measure it

I guessed at the slanted angles of each piece of wood. I got everything set up the way I wanted it then propped it up underneath to keep the angle. Then, on the inside section of the two 5′ sideboards, I outlined the ends of the “steps” with a pencil. Get an angle square from the store if you want to reach perfection:) They were cheap, around $3.00. I drew a line on the sideboards where the ends would go to drill the holes for the screws in the next stage.

Determine the distance between each board, the length between the lowest “step” board and the bottom of the blanket ladder, and the distance between the top board and the top of the sideboards. Mine is around 9.5″ from the top, 9-18″ from each other, and 14″ from the bottom, measured from the center of each “step” board.

Step 7: Connect the pieces with screws

It’s time to drill the holes for the screws after you’ve figured out and drew where you want the “step” boards to go. Each board will require two screws on each end. This can be accomplished without the need for a drill! All it takes is a little muscle and elbow grease.

Guide the screw through the 5′ sideboards in each area where the “steps” will go with a screwdriver. This will take longer than using a drill, but if you don’t have one, it will be far less expensive.

After each hole is drilled, you’ll need the assistance of another person to hold the boards in place and apply pressure to the boards and sideboards to keep them in place while the other person screws the screw into the sideboards. This ensures that there is no space between the steps and the sideboards. You don’t want the screw to be visible between the two pieces. This will, once again, take time. If anything, it’s a great workout!

Step 8: ADMIRE!

Stand it up and lean it against the wall once all of the pieces are screwed into place exactly where you want them. Congratulations! You’ve just finished making your own lovely blanket ladder without the use of any power tools. Isn’t it wonderful? There’s something to be said for getting your hands dirty.

You’re completely finished once you’ve hung your blankets on them. Enjoy your blanket ladder with DIY Blanket Ladder No Tools.

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